SAWJ Meeting/ Presentation Thursday July 12th – Bill Henning , Retired NGS Expert –Makes RTK and Heights with GNSS Real—

The Surveyors Association of West Jersey will have its monthly dinner meeting this Thursday July12th, 2018, 7PM At Carlucci’s Waterfront located in Mt . Laurel NJ, Cost $35. Our speaker for this meeting will be Retired National Geodetic Survey expert Bill Henning. 

Practical RTK procedures and checks for today’s practitioners.
Some of the Topics that will be covered
NGS Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool (NCAT).
Supercedes Geocon11, NADCON 5.0
• VERTCON 3.0
• New OPUS-P format to replace Bluebooking
• New NSRS database to update NGSIDB

New geometric and geopotential datums
(NATRF2022, NAPGD2022)
• GPS ON BM Campaign
Bill will also be talking on comparing & contrasting static (OPUS, user processed) vs. real-time (RTN,RTK) vs. ppp methods for GNSS control.