DATE :04/14/2022

Several officers and committees had nothing to report, they are not listed.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The society is solvent.
  • Budget is attached.

NSPS Director

  • Several Items listed in attached report made by Joe Dolan.
    • NSPS wants NJSPLS to participate in young surveyors week.
    • There is a contest to see which state can get the most boy scouts mentored for their Land Surveying merit badge.
      • New Ad-Hoc Committee created to investigate and prepare for the next BSA Jamboree
  • The society is looking to re-remove the portion Taft-Hardy law that classified all individuals working in the field on crews as a laborers for prevailing wage purposes.
  • NSPS Government Affairs Update prepared by Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, LLC, attached.

Conference Committee Report

  • No positive Covid test as convention – No reports of positive tests after convention.
  • They are exploring the possibility of signing a longer term contract with Harrah’s at the 2021 prices.
  • Public relations:
    • Plaque dedication for center of population went well. Several local dignitaries and Dave Doyle were in attendance.
    • NJSPLS golf outing is coming up in September
    • League of municipalities is coming up in November – they are discussing getting a booth.

GIS/LIS Committee Report

·         There is a new Utility Task force with the goal of standardizing the utility symbology within municipal GIS systems in the state.

Education Committee Report

·         CST had 30 applicants at the convention this year, 3 for level 3, the rest split just about evenly between levels 1 & 2 and field and office.

·         About half of individuals passed outright, 6 are were close and are still in manual review.

·         Rowan at GCC has 19 students, there are 5 students at Rowan campus proper. Only 3 new students for the fall semester so far

o   Not enough students to offer the boundary law class this fall; they need a minimum of 6 new students to run that class.

Legislative Committee Report

  • There is an effort in the works to try and get surveyors on the list of entities for 811, no longer calls for “excavating”

Apprentice Committee Report

  • They are still concerned at the lack of adherence to the documentation and filing requirements.
  • Only 5-6 company out of 25 companies listed in the program have apprentices
  • Only 1 company is adhering to the documentation and filing requirements.
  • If there were to be an audit, this could be an issue.

Scholarship Foundation

  • Three 2000 dollar scholarships were awarded:
    • Megan Suter of NJIT
    • Jeff Vaccarella of University of Maine
    • David Madden of Rowan
  • There will be a ceremony at the next in person meeting in Toms River on June