SAWJ Meeting presentations

The following is on going list of Guest Speakers/Presentations made during our monthly meetings.


April 11th Mike Ruth — CONSTRUCTION LAYOUT ISSUES and Using AutoCAD
May 9 th Tara Vargo — Prevailing Wage Issues in Surveying
June 13th Mike Vargo — Green Acres Surveying and related issues
July 11th Craig Stratton — Internet Resources for the Surveyor
Aug 8th Steve Mervine — Municipal Boundaries — Research , Analysis , Field Surveying , Plat
Sept 12th Joseph T. Ciampoli, Esq., Cherry Hill — TBD — Survey Related
Oct 10th Chip Adamson, Kevin Zelinsky — GIS and Tax Map Preparation


1/11/2018 Vertical Control Lou Marchuk
2/8/18 Retirement Planning, Steffanie Lerch
3/8/18 eLOMA Preparation , Craig Stratton
4/12/18 Modernization of the National Spatial Reference System , Dave Doyle
5-10-18 Forensic Surveying , Bruce Blair
6-14-18 UAS- Lidar Comparison , Ricardo Passini
7-12-18 RTK Procedures , Bill Henning
8-9-18 Land Surveying /Title Issues , Ed Pagan
9-13-18 Design of ADA Ramps, Athanasios Georgiadis
10-11-18 Interoperability between GIS and CAD, Chip Adamson& Kevin Zelinsky
11-8-18 Floodplain Construction and the Elevation Certificate, Brian Shaw


1/12/2017  Tidelands Lou Marchuk
2/9/2017 No Meeting SNOW
3/9/2017 Oblique Photogrammerty Dr. Ricardo Passini
4/13/2017 PSE&G Surveys & Mapping C. Lynch, A. Todosow”
5/11/2017 GIS & CAD for the Surveyor “C. Adamson, K. Zelinsky”
6/8/2017 NJ EDMI Baselines F. Lenik X
7/13/2017 Grid to Ground Conversions Lou Marchuk
8/10/2017 Surveying GIS Brent Jones
9/14/2017 Surveyor & The Law Ed Pagan
10/12/2017 ALTA/NSPS Requirements Tara Vargo
11/9/2017 Drones Adam Grant


Thursday January 14, 2016
Lou Marchuk, —– Vertical Control

Fred Czepiga, NJ Geodetic Survey (retired), NJSPLS Director
— Horizontal Control, Monumentation, NGS Datasheets, etc.

Thursday March 10th, at Carlucci’s,
SMART VENT — Flood Vents, Elevation Certificates, etc.

Thursday April 8th, Jerry Jones, Western Technology Group — Tidelands Research and Information, Tax Maps etc.

Thursday May 12th, Mike Venuto, Chief Engineer & Surveyor, Delaware River Port Authority —Project Management Strategies

Thursday June 9th, Kevin Zelinsky, RVE, GIS and Lidar Issues for the Land Surveyor & Engineer.

Thursday July 14th, Keystone Aerial Surveys — UAS regulations and Usage
Speaker to be determined.

Thursday August 11th, Ed Pagan, Esquire, Legal Issues
Copyright Issues and Infringement , surveyor , engineers; clients ownership or license; transfer of copyrights, etc

Thursday September 8th, John Rossi, PLS, NJSPLS Vice President — Presentation of Boundary Survey Problem, research involved, process to resolve issue and final resolution.

Thursday October 13th,Dan Martin, Regional NGS Advisor, New Datums

Thursday November 10th, Ed Pagan, Esquire, Legal Issues
Discussion of Responsible Charge, need to keep the surveyor protected.

March Dolores Dios
April 10th-Drew Kapur & Duane Morris Eminent Domain & Condemnations
May 14th-Raymond Michaud Contracts and Agreements?
June 11th-Keniv Zelinsky GIS
July 9th -Mke Burns History of SAWJ
August 13th-Lou Marchuk Ground Coordinates based on State Plane coordinates
September 10th-Ken Kerr SUE
October 8th-Robe Ashely Lase Scanning & BIM
November 12th
December 10th Generally we do not have a speaker this meeting.

1/9/14 Craig Stratton – Flood Maps vs. Real World Topography 1.5hrs
3/13/14 Lou Marchuk PE/PLS – Grid v Ground 1.5 hrs. Lou has provided us with Pdf’s of this presentation (24mb) with is available on downloads page.
4/10/14 Andy Pickford from BAE Systems Andy gave a presentation on Lidar vs Aerial Photogrammetry.
5/08/14 David Sonner, CFM, from Smart VENT Inc. – presentation titled Understanding Foundation Flood Vents
6/12/14 FEMA Anthony Della Pelle, Esq. – Damages and Benefits in Partial Taking Cases 1.5 Hrs
7/10/14 Fred Czepiga – NGS Data Sheets
8/14/14 Dave Doyle – National Datum Modernization for 2022
9/10/14 Leica-GeoSystems on the Battleship New Jersey
10/8/14 Ed Pagan – Easements and the Surveyor
11/13/14 Bill Henning  GNSS Site Issues.

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