SAWJ Meeting Minutes August 10, 2017




Vice-President Bill Haggerty called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.  Mr. Haggerty asked the membership present to go around the room and make introductions.  At 7:10 pm the floor was handed over to tonight’s speaker


The speaker tonight was Brent A. Jones, PE, PLS, is the Global Manager, Cadastre/Land Records at Esri.

Mr. Jones’ discussion covered a wide range of topics.  He discussed the advancements in GIS that ESRI was promoting, including the ability for individuals to create their own applications using simple software.  The role of the Professional Land Surveyor in the development and promotion of GIS software was discussed.  The membership was invited to ask questions throughout the presentation.

Mr. Jones’ has shared with SAWJ multiple tools to help people use the ESRI software.  These tools have been emailed to the membership in attendance.

The presentation concluded at 9:31 pm.



A motion was made to approve the July meeting minutes as drafted and presented to the membership via the SAWJ website.  The motion was seconded and passed by voice vote.


Treasurer, Richard Sapio presented the following financial report, dated August 10, 2017

Checking       $XXXXXXX

Savings          $XXXXXXX

Duck              $XXXXXXX

Scholarship   $XXXXXXX



Director Charles Adamson was unable to attend.  No Director’s report was given.


Dawn McCall, the co-chair person for the NJSPLS GIS-LIS Committee was in attendance to discuss the committee with 7 other professionals from that committee.  GIS-LIS holds there meetings in the evenings and is open to all professionals.  They are working on a class to be held at the next NJSPLS SurvCon.  There is also plans to hold a Geospatial Family Fun Day in Union County.  For more information check with Dawn McCall and see the MAC-URISA website for meeting dates.


There is no old business.


Speakers/topics for upcoming meetings are as follows:

Ed Pagan for September

Title Issues for October

Drone Surveying for November

Craig Stratton reported to the membership that the Introduction to Survey course held at RCGC in the fall has 24 enrolled students.  Lou Marchuk made a motion to talk to the membership about getting at least 3 scholarships awarded. The motion was seconded and passed by voice vote.


 At 9:41 pm it was moved to adjourn the business meeting; seconded, and approved by voice-vote.

Craig Stratton, Recording Secretary