SAWJ Minutes of Meeting 3-8-18


March 8, 2018


Carlucci’s Waterfront

876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

President Bill Haggerty called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Mr. Haggerty asked the membership present to go around the room and make introductions.

The floor was turned over to tonight’s speaker.


 The speaker tonight was Craig Stratton, P.L.S. from Trenton Engineering Company.  Mr. Stratton gave a presentation on how to prepare an eLOMA application through the FEMA eLOMA website to have a single structure or a property removed from the Special Flood Hazard Area.

Mr. Stratton began by giving a brief history of the national flood insurance program and the subsequent mapping from initial studies. He emphasized that while FEMA does a good job with mapping at risk areas on a broad scope, the individual property may be inadvertently included in this flood area.  In order to help homeowners, FEMA instituted the Letter of Map Amendment.  This LOMA form can be prepared by a property owner using elevation data provided by a surveyor to have FEMA determine if the subject should be removed.  This process typically takes about 4 weeks.

The benefit of the eLOMA application is that all submission can be done by a licensed professional and determination can be given within 10 days.  The eLOMA application is free of charge for the professional and allows the homeowner to unburden themselves with the application process, while having the results sooner.

The presentation was a step by step instruction on how the surveyor would fill out the application and what to do if questions came up that were answers where not readily available.  FEMA has specific formats for certain entries in the application, which Mr. Stratton explained.  Failing to follow FEMA formats could result in a delay of any determination.

Questions were asked throughout the presentation.  Mr. Stratton agreed to share with the membership a list of resources to aid the surveyor in the preparation of an eLOMA.

The presentation concluded at 9:00 pm.



The minutes for the January meeting were accepted as recorded by voice vote.


The Treasurer was not prepared to give a financial report at the time of the meeting.  Mr. Sapio did inform the membership that the cost of the monthly dinner at Carlucci’s is starting to become more expensive that what the $35 due will cover.  He agreed to give an accurate accounting of how much of a monthly due would have us break even on the meeting.


Director Charles Adamson informed the membership that he would have a director’s report following the next business meeting for NJSPLS.


Lou Marchuk gave a presentation to the Delaware Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors last month on the topic of the PA State Plane Coordinate system.  He is willing to share his knowledge on the subject with members of SAWJ.


–Harold Bozarth and Lou Marchuk began discussion on a SAWJ sponsored one day or two day education summit for professional development hours.  The expressed their desire to educate practicing surveyors.  SAWJ would have to find an adequate venue to serve the summit.  Members agreed to explore the opportunity once venues and financials can be discussed.

–The upcoming speakers for SAWJ include:

Dave Doyle, formerly of NGS in April

Bruce Blair in May to discuss his role as Boundary Line Commissioner

–NJSPLS would like a $500 donation for table sponsorship at the upcoming awards ceremony.  Some SAWJ members would prefer not to donate the lump sum and prefer to send representatives who will pay for individual seats.  Further discussion on this topic will be needed.  The NJSPLS Awards banquet will be held on Saturday, June 2, 2018.

–Ambrose Gmeiner, President of NJSPLS has emailed the membership to encourage anyone to volunteer on a committee.  If there is anyone interested you may contact Ambrose.

–On Thursday, March 15, 2018, there will be an Engineering Ethics meeting at the Ramblewood County Club in Mount Laurel, N.J.  The presentation will be good for 2 professional development hours.  Any interested parties are asked to contact Jeremy Noll, ASCE South Jersey Branch at and 856-235-7170.

–ASHE NC-NJ is hosting a golf outing to support the annual scholarship fund.  The outing will be May 3, 2018 at Mountain View Golf Club in Ewing, N.J.


At 9:15 pm it was moved to adjourn the business meeting; seconded, and approved by voice-vote.



Craig Stratton, Recording Secretary