SAWJ Meeting Minutes May 10, 2018


May 10, 2018


Carlucci’s Waterfront 876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

President Bill Haggerty called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.  Mr. Haggerty asked the membership present to go around the room and make introductions.

The floor was turned over to tonight’s speaker.


 The speaker tonight was Bruce Blair, P.LS. and P.P. The topic was Forensic Surveying.  Mr. Blair introduced the membership to the field of Forensic Surveying.  He discussed how surveyors can become part of Boundary Line Commissions, and how those commissions can be created.  NJSA 13:40-5 is the statute which describes the Boundary Line Commissions and its uses in the courts.

Per Mr. Blair, the commission would be created to settle boundary disputes, issue reports to be filed with the superior court and offer suggestions to resolution.  The chancery judge in a particular area will appoint the commission.

Mr. Blair’s lecture also included the preparation of forensic surveys as part of court cases.  He gave may examples of how to meet the needs of the client’s and give expert testimony.

Discussion was held and questions were asked throughout the presentation.  The presentation concluded at 8:55 pm.



There were no minutes for April, 2018.


The total money in the SAWJ account is XXXXXXXX  Detailed report was not available.  A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made and seconded.  Passed by voice vote.


Director Charles Adamson issued his report by giving handouts to the membership.  NSPS has started a website to attract new people to the profession.

A complete list of the Director’s Report items can be obtained upon request.


David Doyle was the presenter at the March Meeting.  SAWJ thanks Mr. Doyle for his contributions.

NJSPLS has asked each chapter to purchase a table at the upcoming awards banquet on June 2, 2018.  A motion was made to approve the purchase of a table by SAWJ.  The motion was seconded and approved by unanimous vote.  SAWJ plans to open it up to members who wish to go.  They can go for free and sit at the SAWJ table.


Bill Robins of Robins Surveying has suffered a stroke and is in a rehabilitation center.  His firm is a small firm and they are asking for help to keep going while Bill recovers.  The membership of SAWJ has agreed to send a card and fruit basked.

NJSPLS Newsletter recently featured a new article by Bill Henning.  The membership was encouraged to read Mr. Henning’s article.

The Professional Development Hours fee needs to be renewed to the state board.  A motion was made to pay the fee, seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

The next speaker for the meeting on June 14 will be Ricardo Pasine with BAE.


 At 9:31 pm it was moved to adjourn the business meeting; seconded, and approved by voice-vote.

Craig Stratton, Recording Secretary