SAWJ Dinner Presentation Thursday January 12 , 2023

The second Thursday of the month is coming up and the Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey invites you to its monthly meeting this Thursday January 12, 2023 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ.
At this meeting we will be reviewing the SAWJ nominations for the NJSPLS Lifetime Achievement Award and submitting the chapters nomination the next day on Friday 13, so bring your nominations.
We will also be welcoming Richard Sapio of RMS Land Surveying who will be presenting when a simple fence survey becomes something more complicated
Cost $50

SAWJ Dinner / Presentation Thursday Nov.10, 2022


The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey invites you to its monthly meeting this Thursday November 10, 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ. 7PM 

SAWJ welcomes Rob Ashley of Pennoni to present “What you need to know when hiring a LiDAR service Provider” covering :

  • What is LiDAR

  • What are your project Needs

  • Prequalify your Service Provider

  • Deliverables

  • Q&A

Cost $45


SAWJ meeting Thursday October 13, 2022

The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey will have its monthly meeting this Thursday October 13, 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ.

SAWJ Lou Marchuk will be  presenting practical Practical Ways to Calculate ( Approx to 1ppm or better) Scale Factors, Elevation Factors, Combined Factors mainly in the Lambert Projection (PA, NY LI, CT) ; including some in the Transverse Mercator.

Cost $40

SAWJ Dinner Presentation Aug. 8, 2022

The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey will have its monthly meeting this Thursday August 11, 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ.

SAWJ welcomes Adam DiGuiseppe presenting Survey Applications of Supplemental GIS Data and Other Support Tools for the Modern Land Surveyor

·         Free GIS resources and functions to plan and supplement your workflow

·         Low cost and efficient job tracking and project management

·         Effective and multifaceted data protection processes to keep your records safe

·         Live GIS (AutoCAD Civil 3d) and Project Tracking (Microsoft Teams) Demo


Cost $40

SAWJ Meeting Presentation July 14th, 2022

The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey will have its monthly meeting this Thursday July 14, 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ, 7PM. Joining us at 6:30 pm will be the Bucks Chapter members

SAWJ welcomes Professor Ray Hintz, from the University of Maine, who will be presenting via Zoom on the topic of aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR UAV approaches.

Cost $40

SAWJ Meeting Presentation Thursday June 9th , 2022

The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey will have its monthly meeting this Thursday June 9, 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ, 7PM. SAWJ welcomes Fred Czepiga  former NJDOT Geodetic Survey Supervisor as our guest speaker . Mr. Czepiga will be discussing  Horizontal and Vertical Control using GNSS technology.

Cost $40



DATE :04/14/2022

Several officers and committees had nothing to report, they are not listed.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The society is solvent.
  • Budget is attached.

NSPS Director

  • Several Items listed in attached report made by Joe Dolan.
    • NSPS wants NJSPLS to participate in young surveyors week.
    • There is a contest to see which state can get the most boy scouts mentored for their Land Surveying merit badge.
      • New Ad-Hoc Committee created to investigate and prepare for the next BSA Jamboree
  • The society is looking to re-remove the portion Taft-Hardy law that classified all individuals working in the field on crews as a laborers for prevailing wage purposes.
  • NSPS Government Affairs Update prepared by Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies, LLC, attached.

Conference Committee Report

  • No positive Covid test as convention – No reports of positive tests after convention.
  • They are exploring the possibility of signing a longer term contract with Harrah’s at the 2021 prices.
  • Public relations:
    • Plaque dedication for center of population went well. Several local dignitaries and Dave Doyle were in attendance.
    • NJSPLS golf outing is coming up in September
    • League of municipalities is coming up in November – they are discussing getting a booth.

GIS/LIS Committee Report

·         There is a new Utility Task force with the goal of standardizing the utility symbology within municipal GIS systems in the state.

Education Committee Report

·         CST had 30 applicants at the convention this year, 3 for level 3, the rest split just about evenly between levels 1 & 2 and field and office.

·         About half of individuals passed outright, 6 are were close and are still in manual review.

·         Rowan at GCC has 19 students, there are 5 students at Rowan campus proper. Only 3 new students for the fall semester so far

o   Not enough students to offer the boundary law class this fall; they need a minimum of 6 new students to run that class.

Legislative Committee Report

  • There is an effort in the works to try and get surveyors on the list of entities for 811, no longer calls for “excavating”

Apprentice Committee Report

  • They are still concerned at the lack of adherence to the documentation and filing requirements.
  • Only 5-6 company out of 25 companies listed in the program have apprentices
  • Only 1 company is adhering to the documentation and filing requirements.
  • If there were to be an audit, this could be an issue.

Scholarship Foundation

  • Three 2000 dollar scholarships were awarded:
    • Megan Suter of NJIT
    • Jeff Vaccarella of University of Maine
    • David Madden of Rowan
  • There will be a ceremony at the next in person meeting in Toms River on June

SAWJ Dinner Meeting Presentation Thursday April 14th, 2022

The Surveyor’s Association of West Jersey will have its monthly meeting this Thursday April 14th 2022 at Carlucci’s Waterfront in Mount Laurel NJ, 7PM. SAWJ welcomes Robert J. Ashley, III and Doug Bennet they will be discussing: the BCTHS Civil Engineering Technology Curriculum; integration of total station, GPS (RTK & Static), LiDAR, Drone Photogrammetry surveying; utilization of Civil 3D, Bentley OpenRoads/MicroStation, Carlson, Revit, and Cyclone Register 360; and certifications that are offered.

Robert J. Ashley, III, is Senior Project Manager at Van Note-Harvey Associates, Princeton, New Jersey and will be discussing actual experience working with the students of BCTHS since 2014.

Doug Bennet teaches Civil Engineering Technology at Bucks County Technical High School, in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania,

SAWJ Minutes of Meeting February 10, 2022

Treasurer Richard Sapio called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Presenting at the meeting were Joseph T. Campoli, Esq. and Frederick T. Mahar P.E., Esq. of Thompson Becker, LLC., presenting “Protect Your Practice: Identifying, Understanding, and Guarding Against Risk”. Thompson Becker LLC is located at Ten Melrose Avenue, Suite 400, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 and are Legal Counsel for Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, LSRPs & Construction Related Professionals.

Mr. Campoli, Esq. outlined the need for Surveyors to purchase and maintain Professional Policy Insurance, considerations when purchasing, such as “choice of council”, differentiated between Claims Made Policies and Occurrence Based Policies, as well as the importance of securing legal council, specifically knowledgeable in representing professionals when malpractice claim is brought. Mr. Campoli further explained the intricacies involved in the Affidavit of Merit Statute, Standard of Care, the Statutes of Repose/Statute of Limitations, and pre-claims while answering questions from membership.

Mr. Mahar P.E., Esq. focused the discussion on the importance of contracts within the context of the work of surveyors, reviewed the contracts that were submitted by membership, and highlighted insurance considerations needing to be consistent with the contract and the guidance that can be provided by an insurance broker in these matters. Mr. Mahar furthered spoke on the importance of establishing contracts with clients in discussing the parameters:  Scope of Services, relationship with the client, Standard of Care, and the Rights and Responsibilities of the parties involved in a contract, along with providing examples of indemnity language to avoid in contracts and the limitation of liability provisions while answering questions from membership.

Treasurer Richard Sapio held a business meeting after the presentation.



A motion was made to accept the minutes from the January meeting as presented to the membership via  The motion was seconded.  The motion past by unanimous voice vote.


Treasurer, Richard Sapio presented the following financial report, dated February 10, 2022.

           TOTAL         XXXXX


           STATE BOARD

Representative Adam DiGuiseppe reported: over 350 registrants for the upcoming SurvCON; Rowan University is looking for a qualified Survey Instructor to teach computer aided drafting; the fee for public works apprenticeship will be increasing; plans for the monumentation of the “Population Center of New Jersey” is being considered for two locations in East Brunswick.


            No report.


            No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.



No old business.


Lou Marchuk has presenters lined up for the upcoming months.

SAWJ Presentations   Jan to June 2022

SAWJ has the following presentations scheduled:

March 10,22     SUE, Subsurface Utility Eng.           Brian Holder, PLS, CPA

April 14, 22       Understanding Deeds                      Bruce Blair, PLS. BRB Forensics

May 12, 22       GIS Applications in Surveying         Kevin Zelinsky, GIS/CADD Manager &

                                                                                   Charles ‘Chip’ Adamson, OLS, RVE

June 9, 22        RTK Process and Procedures           Fred Czepiga, PLS

Topics shown are general. Presenters will fine tune the topic.


At 9:15 pm it was moved to adjourn the business meeting; seconded, and approved by voice-vote. 

Douglas Bennet, Recording Secretary