Oblique Photogrammetry Presentation by Dr. Ricardo Passini of BAE

The Surveyors Association of West Jersey will be having its monthly meeting on Thursday March 9th at:
Carlucci’s Waterfront
876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
6:30PM Cocktails
7:00PM Dinner/Meeting
$35 (no reservation needed)

Our guest speaker for this event will be Dr. Ricardo Passini of BAE  who will have a presentation on “Oblique Photogrammetry”.

All are welcome

SAWJ Meeting Mintutes 1/12/17


January 12, 2017


Carlucci’s Waterfront

876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

President Steve Mervine called the meeting to order at 6:54 pm.  Mr. Mervine began the meeting by asking for a motion to be made to install the following members as officers of SAWJ for the 2017 year:

Steve Mervine – President

Bill Haggerty – Vice President

Rick Sapio – Treasurer

Craig Stratton – Recording Secretary

Charles Adamson – Director

The motion to install officers was made and seconded.  The motion carried by voice vote.

Mr. Mervine asked the membership present to introduce themselves and to present one idea to improve the chapter.  These ideas will not be formalized as motions at this time, but simply serve to get members thinking about the future.




There were no minutes from the last meeting.


Treasurer, Richard Sapio presented the following financial report, dated May 12, 2016.

Checking       $XXXXX

Savings          $XXXXX

Duck              $XXXXX

Scholarship   $XXXXX

TOTAL         $XXXXX



Director Charles Adamson prepared the following directors report:

State Board

Professional engineers are pushing for a 5-year degree for college engineering students.


Executive Committee

2017/2018 NJSPLS Officers were approved.


NSPS Governor

Joe Dolan reported that there was discussion regarding the NSPS foundation


NJSPLS Conference

The Conference will be more electronic and were are going to improve the Tech day on Friday

450 people have signed up to date

A mobile app is available through the app store.  Search SurvCon or NJSPSL.  Or go to NJSPLS.org/app


Public Relations

NJSPLS has designed new and improved updated booth for various conferences

NJSPLS awards dinner is June 3, 2017

Getting requests for career days at various high schools.

PSE&G has a speaker that wants to go to chapters and update us on PSE&G issues


GIS/LIS Committee

NJSPLS has a boundary task force committee at NJGF.  Headed by the GIS/LIS Committee.  They have quarterly meetings in Trenton.  The last meeting of the year was Friday, December 2, 2016.

NJGF Boundary task force committee had a meeting in December and broke up into sub-groups to go over survey/GIS issues.

The GIS/LIS committee is looking to have a meeting in February or March.



All legislative bills that NJSPLS is tracking are on our website.  The committee has reviewed all the bills and noted our actions for each bill.

Trying to set up a meeting with the NJ Bar Association in the spring.



NJSPLS is looking at an early bird special for paying membership dues.


NJSPLS Scholarship Foundation:

Charlie Bell is running the raffle again this year.  We have approval from the NJ State Gambling Commission.  Charlie will have the tickets at the conference for sale.


NJSPLS 2017/2018 Nominations of Slate of Officers.

Barry Gleissner – Past President

Carl Peters – President

Ambrose Gmeiner – President Elect

John Beattie – Vice President

Stanley Hans – Treasure/Secretary

Jeremy Klapper – Director at Large





The membership agreed that 2016 was a great year for presenters and we should strive to do the same in 2017.



Upcoming events are available to view on the NJSPLS website.




At 7:32 pm it was moved to adjourn the business meeting; seconded, and approved by voice-vote.  The meeting was turned over to tonight’s speaker, Lou Marchuk.



Mr. Lou Marchuk of Aurora and Associates presentation was on NJ Tidelands and how it affects the surveyor.


The NJ Tidelands website has a page dedicated to “Before you build or buy”, which guides the reader through the laws as they pertain to the rights of the State of NJ in regards to tidelands claim.  This page is a resource for surveyors and other professionals who may be consulting for their clients.  The page goes into details on tidelands grants, licenses and leases.


Tidelands conveyance maps are available in hard copies but the lines have been digitized and included in the NJGEOWEB database available through the NJDEP.  This database provided claim lines overlaid over parcels.  Along with the claim lines, the user can also view Notice of Actions and Bulkhead Lines.


Mr. Marchuk opened the floor for questioning.  He plans to email to the membership attending his web resources for Tidelands.


The presentation concluded at 9:00pm.


Craig Stratton, Recording Secretary

SAWJ Meeting Thursday January 12th, 2017 “Tidelands and the Surveyor”

Come join us for dinner/presentation at SAWJ’s first meeting of the year. Our speaker series kicks off 2017 with a presentation by own chapter member  Lou Marchuk entitled  “Tidelands and the Surveyor”.  Lou puts on a great presentation and your sure to come away with some great tips and information on this topic.

Bill Haggerty

The Surveyors Association of West Jersey will be having its monthly meeting on Thursday January 12, 2017 at:
Carlucci’s Waterfront
876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
6:30PM Cocktails
7:00PM Dinner/Meeting

SAWJ Meeting Thursday December 8th

Come join us for dinner at SAWJ’s last meeting of the year. No speaker is scheduled this month just some camaraderie with friends.

Bill Haggerty

The Surveyors Association of West Jersey will be having its monthly meeting on Thursday December 8, 2016 at:
Carlucci’s Waterfront
876 Centerton Road, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
6:30PM Cocktails
7:00PM Dinner/Meeting

Come Join the NJ Geospatial Forum Boundary Task Force!


Are you a GIS user that…

 Manages political, property, or environmental boundaries?
 Could use a refresher on survey practices and procedures?
 Is curious about the standards regarding legal boundaries?


Come join the discussion at the NJ Geospatial Forum Boundary Task Force!

The Boundary Task Force of the NJ Geospatial Forum was created earlier this year to encourage open discussion and cross-education between GIS users and surveyors.

Mission Statement

The mission of the NJGF Boundary Task Force is to educate and develop standards on the matter of legal boundaries for the purpose of protecting the public, GIS and surveying communities while increasing the value and reliability of the data in the State’s enterprise GIS.


  • Educate the GIS & Engineering communities and the public as to what a boundary is, how a boundary is created and their legal ramifications.
  • Educate the GIS, Surveying & Engineering communities to the terminology of GIS parcels and Surveying boundary and when they should be used.
  • Develop consistent standards for submission of surveys and survey data into the state’s enterprise GIS.

Log in to the NJGIN website and sign up for Boundary Task Force to be added to the mailing list and receive the latest discussions, meeting announcements, and agendas.

Contact Boundary Task Force Chair Kevin Zelinsky at (856) 795-9595 ext. 1064 or kevin.zelinsky@rve.com for more information.